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Public Relations & Publicity

"You cannot communicate yourself out of something you behaved yourself into."

Public Relations professionals don’t necessarily tell people what to think—they tell them what to think
about. When you watch the news or peruse the daily headlines, you’re taking in information that has
already been determined by someone else to be worthy of your time and attention. Behind the scenes,
a skillful PR Pro crafted a message and pitched an idea to the media - to bring to your attention. If you’ve ever watched a program and wondered, “how did that person or business end up being featured,” then you’vPR is chess, not checkerse seen the result of a PR PRO at work.

Public Relations is about STRATEGY; anticipating how audiences will receive and respond to specific messages. PR PROs need to observe and analyze trends, human behavior, history, and circumstances to stay two steps ahead. When it comes to an effective public relations strategy, "it's chess, not checkers."

Traditionally, PR has used news releases, press conferences, wire services, media kits, interviews and special events to accomplish various communications objectives. Now we have the world of digital and social media, which extends that reach into websites, interactive blogs, micro-blogging, social networking platforms, webinars, podcasts, webisodes, video streaming, and mobile marketing apps.

When PR brings the world to your doorstep, make sure you have something to say!

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