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Chief PR PRO V.K. Fields at the beginning of the office renovation project.

broken glass at office building

Blount Street finished renovation

Welcome to the "newly" renovated (completed in January 2020) PR PROS team office in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina! THANK YOU to all the friends, clients, colleagues, and community members who reached out to us to offer support and encouragement during this amazing process.   

Now, back to business:

We invite you to check out the links below to see our renovation project in action. We hope it inspires others to take action and invest in the community to uplift and support each other. 

515 S. Blount Street Pre- and Post-renovation in 2019:

Click here to see our renovation progress in photos, and click here to watch the Power of Vision video of our renovation in motion. 

PR PROS is a national network of public relations experts, communications strategists, media coaches, creative directors, consultants, and social change agents linked by a common vision and mission to help small businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions and corporations effectively communicate with their audiences and tell their unique stories.

PR PROS perfect the art of communication for our clients and their constituents who share our Triple Bottom Line focus on: People. Planet. Profits.  Here's how:

  • On-Demand PR Services (submit a project, request a team of PR PROS, get results!)
  • Mobile Communication Teams and Multi-Media Makeovers (onsite support and media training at your location)
  • Full-Service Public Relations, Media Messaging, and Copywriting Services (with online tips, strategies, and suggestions via the PR PROS website and virtual community of expert bloggers, trainers, and workshop facilitators)

There's no reason why companies and organizations can't do well and do good - at the same time. But it's not enough to simply do good work. It is a business necessity to tell your own story and stake your claim in the global marketplace. PR PROS are messaging artisans, skilled in the art and science of Public Relations and Media Relations to help identify, connect, and communicate with customers, clients, and stakeholders who are influenced or impacted by your work.

Have a PR question? Need to schedule an initial consultation to find out how PR PROS can serve your organization? Contact our office today to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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