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Crisis Management & Crisis Communication                    

"Call Us Before You Need Us"

Through VKFCo PR PROS, this network provides proactive Crisis Communications & Emergency Preparedness Planning designed to assist clients with quick resolution, conflict management, strategic positioning, and superior media relations. The motto, “Call Us Before You Need Us” exemplifies our desire for ample preparation and organization before, during and after a crisis situation.

Every business and organization needs to have in place a customized Crisis Communications Plan in advance to facilitate effective and efficient media relations activities. This plan identifies the approved communications “chain of command,” when and how to communicate with the media, what to expect during a media storm/blitz, investigative inquiry, scandal, disaster, criminal allegation(s) or investigation, formal charges, and resulting negative media coverage. Additionally, the plan includes effective media and community relations strategies to repair or rebuild an image, reputation, or public persona. Call now for a confidential conversation about how to prevent crisis mis-management or how to undo the damage a crisis has created.

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