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ZOBO hibiscus drink introduced its first spokeswoman, 60-year-old bodybuilding champion Shirley Minter-Smith, on Friday, Feb. 1 during a 10:30 a.m. press conference and mini-photo shoot near downtown Raleigh. In 2015, she will be featured in a ZOBO infomercial and TV commercial.

A few years ago, Minter-Smith was considered obese for her 5-foot, 3-inch frame, weighing more than 200 pounds. After adapting new eating and exercise habits, she lost half her body weight—more than 100 pounds—and began bodybuilding in her late 50s. In 2012, Minter-Smith won two national bodybuilding championships at age 60. In February 2013, she became the first spokeswoman for ruby-red ZOBO hibiscus drink, an all-natural beverage that has no additives, no preservatives, no caffeine, and that’s made from ground hibiscus petals, which are widely regarded for their pro-health benefits.

To celebrate Minter-Smith’s accomplishments and healthy lifestyle, ZOBO has named her as its first spokeswoman. Her duties will include serving as an ambassador for healthy living and representing the Durham, North Carolina-based beverage company.


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Watch new ZOBO Spokeswoman, 60-Year-Old Bodybuilding Champion, Shirley Minter-Smith in action!

Mr. Kehinde Olajide, president and CEO of Hemisphere Beverages—makers of ZOBO—said, “We’re pleased to introduce Ms. Shirley Minter-Smith as the first spokeswoman for ZOBO hibiscus drink. Shirley is an inspiration for women and men of all ages and all walks of life to never give up on their dreams. The ZOBO team is proud to celebrate Shirley and her accomplishments. We look forward to an exciting and mutually beneficial collaboration to encourage healthy living and to make ZOBO a household name.”

Research shows that hibiscus drinks have been proven to reduce blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and assist in weight-loss regimens. ZOBO currently offers six flavors for hot or cold drink consumption: Original, LemonLime, Vanilla, Pineapple, Strawberry and Ginger.


Hemisphere Beverages manufactures and distributes ZOBO and other refreshing “all natural” beverages. Visit www.ZoboLove.com for details or click here to download a recent media kit.