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CAP-PR is the first national network of Public Relations professionals dedicated to serving the needs of Community Action Agencies and Associations. CAP-PR is your agency - here to help tell the story of your good work!

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty. As a result of that declaration, the national network of Community Action Agencies was formed. For more than 40 years, Community Action Agencies have served low-income families, children and the elderly across the nation, helping people to become better educated, employed and empowered. These federally funded nonprofit agencies share a common mission: to help low-income people become self-sufficient.

The recent years of economic recession and persistent poverty have not only intensified the issues of income disparity and impoverishment, but they have also created a group called the “newly poor,” which consists of individuals previously employed in the middle class who have fallen on hard times due to high unemployment, loss of benefits, and a new reliance on public and government support.

In January 2012, the North Carolina Community Action Association (NCCAA) launched an ambitious campaign to eradicate pervasive, systemic poverty throughout the 100 counties in North Carolina. The initiative is called, “Face to Face With Poverty,” and it encompasses a series of civic engagement and outreach activities that combine the collective resources of the network’s 36 community action agencies, along with thousands of volunteers, community leaders, and elected officials to elevate the awareness of Community Action in the state of North Carolina.

As part of the Face to Face With Poverty campaign, NCCAA enlisted the services of a public relations firm: V.K. Fields & Co. Public Relations PROs & Copywriting agency, a division of the global PR PRos network to disseminate their message and elevate awareness about Community Action, NCCAA and its work. To learn more about the Face to Face With Poverty initiative and PR campaign, click on “Face to Face With Poverty."

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